Simple Tips To Score Good Grades In GCSE Geography Exam

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GCSE Geography compared to other GCSE subjects is pretty easy. However, one has to follow certain tips during their GCSE Geography exam in a bid to score good grades.

Some of those tips are mentioned below.

One Should Draw Relevant Diagrams While Writing Answers

Answers with relevant diagrams tend to draw the undivided attention of paper evaluators. This statement holds as a revered UK based GCSE Geography tutor online has backed the statement with the following enunciation.

When one is answering a question where one is asked to explain the units of rivers as well as coasts followed by a small description of how certain geographical features are formed, the answer should be paired with a relevant diagram. Even if the question doesn’t demand a diagram, students need to add visual information to the mix in a bid to compel the paper evaluator to award full marks.

It is as simple as that!

One Must Prepare To Ace Their Answers For All ‘C’ Style Questions

One must remember to revise all relevant answers for ‘C’ style questions. ‘C’ style questions are framed in a manner that allows evaluators to test the case study knowledge of the GCSE aspirant. One must do their best to prepare for all kinds of ‘C’ style questions so that one can write high-quality answers and score full marks assigned to each ‘C’ style question.

One Must Take Their Time To Read A Question Carefully

Often students tend to score poor grades even if they believe that they wrote informative answers with immaculate use of relevant vocabulary and terms. The reason for this outcome is simple. The student wrote an answer which is factually correct but doesn’t answer the question properly. This happens when the student fails to understand the question properly. To keep such instances at bay, a student should take their time to fully understand the question and then proceed to answer it. Taking some time in a bid to understand a question properly is a simple yet effective way to score good grades in GCSE Geography.

It Is Best To Always Use The Map Extract

A UK based GCSE Geography tutor online also points out that students who always choose to point out the location or related geographical features when they are answering a question on the map extract tend to score good grades. This simple step is indicative of the fact that the student has honed their skills on the subject and not skimmed over lessons during their revision sessions.

It Is Best To Keep Answers Simple

GCSE Geography allows students to score good grades, especially when relevant, factually correct answers are provided using lucid sentences and simple vocabulary. The evaluators are tasked to grade a lot of papers. Hence, using orthodox words in a bid to form complex sentences to answer a straightforward question would be a costly mistake!


The tips mentioned above are framed to help GCSE Geography students to glide through their GCSE Geography papers. For more effective tips, it would be best for a student to get in touch with an online tutor specializing in helping out GCSE Geography students.